When Argento Audio was founded back in 1991, the products from the small company were principally sold in the domestic market, but soon the worlds started to take notice.

The launch of the first generation of Serenity cables​ in 2003 and later of the Flow cables have furthered the interested and Argento Audio cables are now available in many countries around the world.

Thanks to our unique acquired knowledge of the inner secrets of what makes a truly high-end audio cable. Argento Audio now have taken the ultimate uncompromising path where every single element is custom designed and made as per our own specifications.

Taking both sound and build quality several levels higher, they represent an absolute performance standard in high end audio signal transmission to bring you a lot closer to experiencing a live performance in your music room.​

As always, we carefully handcraft each cable in Denmark for you, so that each one of them live up to their uniqueness in today's high-end, and will constitute a lasting cornerstone of your beloved music system.

Sincerely Yours​​

Ulrik Gydesen Madsen

Phone: +45 30 66 22 84  -  ulrik@argentoaudio.com  -  CVR: 30552474  -  Emborgvej 23 8680 Ry